I joined a large-scale design effort in its late stages to help implement an innovative financial wellness app for a large American insurance company. I helped to make the onboarding experience more engaging and took a lead on our team-wide approach to responsiveness (ensuring the app would work well on multiple screen sizes).

Once the first release was ready for build, I was also asked to look ahead to version two and figure out how we would iterate on the initial designs to make them more scalable, as the client had some strong growth ambitions for the next couple of releases.

My main contributions were:

  • Facilitated collaborative design with my product team, created wireframes and conducted rapid prototyping to get user input and align stakeholders around an improved onboarding journey
  • Defined our approach to responsiveness. I led the effort to ensure that the designs would work on multiple mobile screen sizes, and worked closely with the developers to align on this approach
  • Helped to pull best practices into our designs through competitor analysis, particularly in terms of onboarding for habit building and financial wellness apps
  • Illustrating complex ideas in a visual way, so that all team members could understand and feel engaged as we made key product decisions
  • Defining clear research/learning objectives for our card-sorting exercise and other user research
Example (whitelabelled) design from case study 2


  • We successfully launched an MVP for a private beta. This MVP enabled users to create an account and then sign up for a small number of weekly 'challenges' that felt achievable and would help users kickstart healthy financial habits
  • Received positive feedback from my teammates - a couple of examples below:
“He often came prepared to discussions with multiple prototypes and approaches to rethink parts of a solution, and was skilled at facilitating and guiding conversations with his internal squad and in conversations with the client.”
“His suggestions and challenge to the team to make sure all conversations were focused around user stories and objectives that everyone was aligned on was particularly helpful and valuable”

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