I was part of a large cross functional team that designed a brand new corporate banking platform for a large African bank in 14 weeks. I helped to simplify and bring transparency to a highly complex, traditionally paper-based process, making it easier and faster for African business people to do trade.

We had been brought on to support our client - the bank - with this build and worked embedded within their business teams. I split my time between working remotely from Boston and extended trips to South Africa to work at the client’s office. I worked as a UX designer - alongside the lead designer and two UI designers - to explore the problems users were experiencing, and create a minimum viable product in 14 weeks that would address those issues.

My main contributions were:

  • Synthesized our research into a clear set of problem statements and personas
  • Defined a simple information architecture that would work for both customers and bank staff, and user flows that felt fast
  • Iteratively designed a clean, simple interface with a minimal set of design patterns that users could become familiar with and developers could build within our 14 week timeframe, through wireframing and prototyping in increasing levels of visual fidelity
  • Increased the utility of the platform by ensuring that critical information was surfaced throughout to ensure the user knew what was going on at all times
Example (whitelabelled) design from case study 1


  • Lead times reduced from 2-3 days to less than an hour
  • Excellent qualitative feedback from users
  • Won an Innovation in Digital Banking award
  • I and the rest of the team were asked to come back to help roll the product out in the bank’s other regions, and to continue to build out the platform with new payment features

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